Our Robot Futures Exhibition – 26 February 2022

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12:00 pm 26 February 2022
2:00 pm 26 February 2022

Our Robot Futures

The Space, 26 February 2022

Every day, new robotic technologies are being invented on our doorstep at Bristol Robotics Laboratory. At this special exhibition, designed by research students, discover what goes on behind the scenes at the world-famous research institution.

Explore the inner workings of an underwater robot, discover what a pneumatic actuator does, and try to beat a robotic arm in guessing the identity of different materials!

You may even come face-to-face with ‘Amy’, an old robot with a very special history.

This exhibition forms part of Making Space for Our Future, the launch festival for Keynsham’s HS HAZ Local Cultural Programme.

2 February 2022
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4 February 2022