Make Your Own Soft Robotics Workshop – 22-24 February 2022

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10:00 am 22 February 2022
2:00 pm 24 February 2022

Make Your Own Soft Robotics Workshop

Keynsham Library, 22-24 February 2022

Join Little Lost Robot in a two-hour workshop teaching design, puppetry and robotics. Participants will make their own air-driven moving robot, animal or puppet with easy-to-follow instructions, using household and scrap materials.

Crafting materials are provided – ranging from scrap fabric to wire, hessian and withies.

There will be the opportunity to test robots with a reactive robotic interface, and to add your robot to the Playable Spaces installation in the Riverside Square.

Session times are as follows:

  • Tuesday 22 February, 10am
  • Tuesday 22 February, 12pm
  • Wednesday 23 February, 10am
  • Wednesday 23 February, 12pm
  • Thursday 24 February, 10am
  • Thursday 24 February, 12pm

These workshops are suitable for children aged 8-15, and their curious adults. Booking is essential.

This workshop forms part of Making Space for Our Future, the launch festival for Keynsham’s HS HAZ Local Cultural Programme.

2 February 2022
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4 February 2022