Make Your Own Medieval Monster Workshop – 24-26 February 2022

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2:00 pm 24 February 2022
12:14 am 26 February 2022

Make Your Own Medieval Monster Workshop

Temple Street Canteen, 24-26 February 2022

Join local artist Kate McGregor-Michael and Little Lost Robot for an arts and ideas workshop for children, focusing on the history of Keynsham’s lost medieval abbey.

Participants are invited to design and make a glowing stained-glass effect creature, which will become part of a larger illuminated window installation on Temple Street.

Session times are as follows:

  • Thursday 24 February, 2pm
  • Thursday 24 February, 3pm
  • Friday 25 February, 6pm
  • Friday 25 February, 7pm
  • Saturday 26 February, 10am
  • Saturday 27 February, 11am

This is a fun session that supports wellbeing and creativity. Workshops are suitable for children aged 4-7, and their curious adults. Crafting materials are provided. Booking is advised.

This workshop forms part of Making Space for Our Future, the launch festival for Keynsham’s HS HAZ Local Cultural Programme.

4 February 2022
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4 February 2022