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12:00 am 30 April 2022
12:00 am 12 June 2022
Queen's Platinum Jubilee Beacon Trail 30 April - 12 June 2022 logo

As part of local plans to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, from 30 April 2022 until 12 June 2022, the Keynsham Cultural Consortium has teamed up with High Street Safari to run a free story-trail on Keynsham High Street. This innovative experience lets families choose what happens in the story. Players will not only discover cute characters along the route, but will also get to see them burst to life in augmented reality and take selfies and record videos with them!

Girl scanning a character on the Jubilee Beacon Trail

Families will be guided on their trip by Sir Barnaby Beacon as he visits seven memorable and magical friends, like Charlie Crown or Theadora Throne, who have come to life from Buckingham Palace and gone on a trip to see Keynsham. The trail is located at seven stops around town:

  • Keynsham Leisure Centre
  • Keynsham Library
  • Temple Street Canteen
  • Trigaci
  • Conscience Foods
  • Oxfam Bookshop
  • Dalia Cocina

The trail takes around 45 minutes to complete. To take part, simply:

  • View the trail map by clicking the button below
  • Visit each of the characters on the High Street
  • Scan the unique QR codes with your smartphone, read more of the story and interact with the character in AR
  • Collect badges to win your free digital fun pack.
6 April 2022
Last Updated
27 April 2022