Bristlebots Workshop – 25 February 2022

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6:00 pm 25 February 2022
8:00 pm 25 February 2022

Bristlebots Workshop

The Space, 25 February 2022

Upcycling trash into toys. Join Dr Steve Battle from Bristol Robotics Laboratory, and learn how to build and decorate your own ‘bristlebot’ – a simple robot made from just a battery and a toothbrush.

You will then have the opportunity to put your creations to the test in races and wrestling matches!

This drop-in session is suitable for children of all ages, and is beginner-friendly. All workshop materials are provided.

This workshop forms part of Making Space for Our Future, the launch festival for Keynsham’s HS HAZ Local Cultural Programme.

4 February 2022
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4 February 2022