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General Keynsham HS HAZ FAQs:

What is the High Street Heritage Action Zone (HS HAZ)?

Keynsham’s HS HAZ is a four-year partnership programme between Historic England, Bath & North East Somerset Council and Keynsham Town Council, due to complete in March 2024. The aim of this programme is to enhance Keynsham’s history and heritage, alongside enhancing Keynsham’s conservation area. These enhancements support the generation of economic growth and improve the quality of life in the town centre.

Within Keynsham’s HS HAZ Programme there are four key project strands: public realm improvements (space that’s free and open to everyone), shop front improvements, community engagement and a cultural programme. More information about the Keynsham HS HAZ Programme.

Who is managing the project?

The project is a partnership programme between Historic England, Bath & North East Somerset Council and Keynsham Town Council.

Who is paying for the project?

Keynsham High Street was awarded £1.1million as part of Historic England’s High Street Heritage Action Zone (HS HAZ) Programme.

This programme has been match funded by Keynsham Town Council (£40,000) and Bath & North East Somerset Council) who have contributed £100,000 from the Community Infrastructure Levy.

When does the project finish?

The overall HS HAZ Programme aims to be completed by March 2024.

Keynsham HS HAZ Public Realm Project Strand | Temple Street Improvements FAQs:

What does the Temple Street Improvement project strand involve?

Keynsham’s HS HAZ Public Realm Strand has been split into phases and the priority area for public realm works will be Temple Street. The Temple Street Area has been fully designed and has technical approval. The scheme has then been split into delivery phases. The Keynsham HS HAZ programme has delivered the following:  

  • Phase 2A includes planters, cycle parking, seating and parklets on the east side of the street.
  • Phase 2B includes new natural stone realigned pavement, upgraded lighting, improved disabled bays and preparation for a new pedestrian crossing on the west side of the street

Future phases (Phase 2C-2D) will be delivered as part of a follow-on project as and when further grant funding is secured. Further information can be found on Temple Street Improvement Works.

When will further works be carried out in Temple Street?

The major construction works for the grant funded Temple Street Improvement project have now been completed. You may still see the construction team on site intermittently as there are still a couple of final details to resolve and a Road Safety Audit 3 is being completed.

The council and local partners will need to identify and secure further grant funding for future phases. We are looking to bring the long-term vacant Riverside Units back into use, followed by construction of further Temple Street Improvements to the pavements and crossings (ie. Phase 2C and 2D) over the coming years. More information can be found on the Temple Street Improvement Project page.

How has car parking within the Temple Street Improvement Area changed following the delivery of Phase 2A-2B?

Two large bays have been altered on the east side of the street to introduce additional seating and greening; this amounts to a temporary reduction of 12 m or 2 large spaces, based, on the average car being 4.5-5m in lengthand a van 5-6m. These have been installed initially on a trial basis. 

On the west side of the street there has been a reduction of approximately 8.4m of parking or the equivalent of just over 1 large space. This has enabled us to extend the size of disabled car parking bays, making them compliant with modern standards, and for preparation works to be completed for a new pedestrian crossing to be installed as part of a future phase. Please see the Technical Note (updated March 2023) or the Updates & Next Steps (July 2022)for further information.

Why do the concept designs look different from the finished area?

The original concept designs were consulted on in 2021 and were subsequently updated following public feedback. The Update & Next Steps document (July 2022) highlights how the designs were amended following public consultation. Further amendments to Phase 2A took place following detailed additional consultation with local businesses.

The final design can be seen as part of the main Temple Street Improvement project page and further detail on the Technical Note.

Will a cycle lane be implemented as part of the future Temple Street Improvement Works?

Please see the Technical Note (updated March 2023) or the Updates & Next Steps (July 2022) document on the page. There is no current proposal for a segregated cycle lane on Temple Street.

Will you be working on the Upper High Street area?

At this stage the Keynsham HS HAZ Programme has funding to develop initial concept design ideas for Upper High Street.

Will you be altering Ashton Way Car Park?

No this is not part of Keynsham’s HS HAZ remit.

Keynsham HS HAZ Shopfront Improvement Project Strand | Temple Street Improvements FAQs:

I want to do some work to my shopfront. How do I get access to the HS HAZ Shopfront Improvement Scheme?

We have selected our initial group of businesses to work with as part of the first phase of Keynsham HS HAZ Shopfront Improvements. These will be delivered in April 23 – March 24.

We’re always keen to hear from businesses and landowners who are interested in altering their shop frontage in case there is further support or advice we can provide. More information (including the Shopfront Improvement Design Guide) can be found on the Shopfront Improvement Project page.