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Keynsham High Street
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About The Action Zone

Keynsham’s High Street Heritage Action Zone (HS HAZ) is a four-year partnership programme between Historic England, B&NES and Keynsham Town Council. Through this programme we will enhance Keynsham’s conservation area to create a more attractive, engaging and vibrant High Street. 

Have Your Say on Proposed Concept Designs

Keynsham’s Programme Board have been working with MacGregor Smith on proposed concept designs for the Temple Street Area. It’s now over you to input your thoughts and ideas.

Ideas for Temple Street

Please share your thoughts and ideas about how Temple Street could be improved by adding markers and comments to the map.

Response To Exploration Cards

Our high streets are changing. What do our different senses reveal about Keynsham High Street? How did we use Keynsham High Street in the past and what will it be like in the future?

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